Miltonia In Basket




Latin Name : Miltonia
Common name – Pansy Orchid
Pronunciation – Milt-tone-ee-ah
Temperature – They are warmer growing. They enjoy day
temperatures of 60-65 Fahrenheit.  They will acclimate to both
lower and higher temperatures over time.
Light – Miltonias prefer high light (partial sun)
Water/humidity – should almost dry out between watering,
but keep evenly moist. If kept too moist, the roots will
rot. If they are kept to dry, they will dehydrate and die. Prior to
dehydration, the new leaves will become crinkled or accordion
pleated, as a warning.
Fertilizer – More light means less fertilizer, the less light the more fertilizer you will need.
They are not fussy but Miltonias are sensitive to salt buildup.
Alternate fertilization with heavy watering’s to flush out salt build up.